About Us

We are professional residential and commercial company location in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We offer maids for part time cleaning services for homes and offices in and around Riyadh.

We also do house arrangement for move in and move outs.

Nationalities available include:

Ugandan, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Somalia.

160 SAR
3 hours
200 SAR
5 hours

What Makes Us Difference

High quality services, and we are always reliable.

Affordable house cleaning services. Our prices are relatively friendly.

Our part time maids are always available and ready to work.

Easy online booking 24 hrs anywhere in Riyadh
We are just a call away.

Our prices include transport fee for pickups and drop offs.

Friendly and personalized customer care.

All our part time maids/cleaners speak fluent Arabic and English.

For regular or one time cleaning, no contracts and no cancellation fees charged.


We provide the following services

General house cleaning
Vacuuming all carpets and floor
Washing clothes
Washing utensil
Emptying trash containers
Change linens and make beds


Your safety is our top priority

At Home to Home part-time cleaners, we are dedicated to keep our customer safe during this COVID 19 pandemic.

All our cleaners wear masks,gloves and protective overall disinfected to ensure safety. We Sanitize and follow strict social distancing measures when we visit your home to clean. This way,with professional grade cleaning supplies we make sure our cleaners are healthy and safe before they enter your home.

We are a very competent team, with adequate knowledge of cleaning and 5 years of cleaning expirence.